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Protect your songs against changes propagated from agendas

This topic describes how to protect your VideoPsalm songs against changes propagated from agendas.

6. July 2023
Edit the book names of the Bibles

This topic describes how to rename and standardize the book names for Bible reference entry or for display.

4. January 2024
The VideoPsalm panels

This topic describes the VideoPsalm panels and how to rearrange them.

30. December 2023
How to make VideoPsalm start to play the video at 4:30?

This topic describes how to make VideoPsalm start to play the video at a specific time.

28. October 2023
Why does my VideoPsalm display each Bible verse 2 or 3 times?

This topic describes how to remove the duplicated Bible verses on the presentation screen.

28. October 2023
How to set the same background and font to all songs

This topic describes how to remove all higher style level settings, so that all songs display with the same background and font.

6. July 2023
Adjust Bible header text size, location and other properties

This topic describes how to adjust Bible header text size, location and other properties.

3. July 2023
Display song verses in lower third

This topic describes how to display the song lyrics in the lower third and automatically limit the song verse lines to 2.

22. December 2022
Split long Bible verses after a given number of characters

This topic describes how to split Bible verses after a given number of characters. It enables to limit the amount of text displayed on a slide, and makes sure that the text is well readable, even from far away.

16. August 2022
Transfer songs from one PC to another

This topic describes 4 methods to transfer and synchronize VideoPsalm songs from one PC to another.

24. June 2022
The flexibility of cascading styles

This article describes where and how to configure in a few clicks the text and background displayed on the screen. Use all the power of VideoPsalm's cascading styles to quickly create clear and attractive presentations...

7. March 2022
Automatic style level switching

This article lists the VideoPsalm screen areas where, when clicked, automatically switch the style level accordingly. VideoPsalm uses the concept of cascading style attributes, enabling you to define in the fewest clicks the style at any level : Verse, Song, Songbook, Songbooks, Base, etc...

20. March 2022
How to correct a style mistake?

While changing a style attribute, you may mistakenly have changed it at the wrong style level. There are several ways to correct a wrong style attribute...

20. March 2022
Connect VideoPsalm to a video-projector and setup your monitors

This topic describes how to select the monitor where VideoPsalm outputs its presentation. There are 3 steps: 1. Setup Windows to recognize your monitors. 2. Setup VideoPsalm to output to the proper monitor. 3. Additional settings...

6. March 2022
Set the Bible verse number color, size and font

This topic describes how to set the Bible verse number color, alignment, size and font. By default, VideoPsalm displays the verse number with the same style as the text. To make verse numbers stand out, highlight them in another color, size and font...

22. February 2022
Limit the number of lines displayed in song verses

This topic describes how to automatically limit the number of lines in song verses. The screenshots below show a song with a limit of two lines per slide...

20. February 2022
Display several Bible verses on the same slide

This topic describes how set the "Bibles" style level to automatically display several Bible verses on the same slide. The screenshot below shows 5 Bible verses on the same slide...

20. February 2022
Skip the black flash at the end of a looping video

When a song has a looping video for its background, you may see a short black flash at the end of the video, before it restarts. This topic describes how to remove the black flash in VideoPsalm 1.27...

31. January 2022
Increase the dialog font size

This topic describes how to adjust the VideoPsalm dialog font size. VideoPsalm automatically adjusts its font size to your Microsoft Windows settings. To increase or decrease the size of the font in which Windows displays the application texts...

26. January 2022
Setup and display the stage view

This topic describes how to setup the stage view/confidence monitor, versus the presentation screen. The stage view, also called "confidence monitor", is a specific display designed for the people on stage, that can show more or different things than what people attending the service are seeing...

25. January 2022
VideoPsalm's lyrics editor

This topic describes how to highlight specific words of a slide. VideoPsalm's lyrics editor is a WYSIWYG word processor, where you can set style attributes to specific words...

22. January 2022
Edit Bible verses and format individual words

This tutorial describes how to edit and format individual verse words, by “converting” a set of Bible verses into a song. Additionally, this is a solution to display several Bible verses on a single slide...

22. January 2022
Translate VideoPsalm into a new language

This tutorial describes how a contributor can translate the VideoPsalm application into a new language. It consists into translating the texts, buttons, tool-tips, messages, etc. that appear in the VideoPsalm dialogs...

18. January 2022
VideoPsalm in Arabic and Hebrew

This topic shows how to setup your VideoPsalm for a Right-to-left culture. Right-to-left (RTL) layout is fully supported in VideoPsalm starting with version 1.27...

18. January 2022
To wrap or not to wrap?

"Why is my song text so small and on one line only?" This article describes why and when to use the "Wrap" button...

17. June 2020
Set text fill, outline and shadow colors

This article describes how to set the text color. Fill, outline and shadow colors...

27. May 2020
Show the song slide number in the footer

You may need to display the song slide number or other information in the footer or the header...

21. May 2020
Adjust the Bible default font size

To change the Bible default font, proceed as follows: 1. Display a Bible verse, to see how it gets rendered in the preview area. This will enable you to see the result of your font style changes...

16. May 2020
Sync songs between multiple computers via DropBox

To sync songs between multiple computers, you can use a service like DropBox, OneDrive or any other similar cloud solution. VideoPsalm usually stores its songbook files in the following folder...

1. December 2018
Add beautiful video loops for free from the internet

Here you will find links to beautiful free video loops or stock images that you can add to your VideoPsalm...

3. August 2017
Add beautiful images and video loops for free from the internet

Here you will find links to beautiful free stock images or video loops that you can add to your VideoPsalm...

1. August 2017
Recover a deleted songbook

This topic describes how to recover deleted songbooks, or songbooks that are hidden. Most of the time, all your songs are there, simply they are not displayed. Let's see how to show them again, in a few clicks...

2. October 2016
Show or hide the toolbar

There are three ways to toggle the toolbar...

3. April 2021
Start VideoPsalm in a specific document folder

This article describes how to configure and use VideoPsalm for different teams on the same PC, each team having its own folder of documents...

7. July 2020
Three methods to display a background/logo between two songs

Here are three ways to display an image, logo or video between two songs. Each method has its advantages, and demonstrates some of VideoPsalm functionalities...

14. July 2016
Display bilingual songs

Lets say that we need to display two songs, each one bilingually in English and Spanish...

14. July 2016
Exclude songbooks from the search

It is useful to exclude songbooks that contain announcements or edited Bible verses, or songbooks that you don't use at church but still want to keep inside of VideoPsalm. To exclude a songbook from the search, right-click on...

20. July 2015
Add a SongSelect (CCLI .usr) song directly into the agenda

SongSelect is a comprehensive source for worship song lyrics, chord sheets, lead sheets, vocal sheets and sound samples, saving you hours of preparation time. This tutorial describes how to add into a VideoPsalm agenda the lyrics of a SongSelect song...

18. June 2015
Display an animated alert message at the bottom of the screen

At times, it is necessary to inform the audience with an impromptu message. To perform this task, use the tools in the "Message" tab...

5. June 2015
Use touch-optimized VideoPsalm on a Windows tablet or laptop

VideoPsalm takes full advantage of tablets or laptops that have touch-screens...

5. June 2015
Select an image or a video

When you assign a background image or video to a style level, VideoPsalm helps you into this task in two ways...

4. June 2015
Display live video stream as lyrics background

When your PC has a video camera connected to it, you can tell VideoPsalm to display the live stream under the lyrics or under the Bible verses...

30. Mai 2015
Customize which VideoPsalm commands are available

Depending on how you use VideoPsalm, you don't necessarily use all available buttons. In the VideoPsalm settings, you can hide some of the buttons that you don't use...

30. Mai 2015
Assign an audio MP3 to a song

VideoPsalm 1.15 introduces the possibility to assign an audio MP3 to a song and play it automatically while you display its lyrics. This feature has been requested many times, and is particularly useful for churches that have no musicians. To assign/play an audio MP3 with a song...

23. Mai 2015
Remove an image assigned to a song verse

For this task, we will consider a song with four verses and the image background style attribute. Note: This article applies to any style attribute and any style level...

7. February 2015
Create your song usage report for CCLI SongSelect

Please let us know if the following steps enable you to complete your CCLI reporting task...

31. January 2015
Import songs from popular formats

Please let us know if the following steps enable you to complete your CCLI reporting task...

17. January 2015
Change the slide animation for songs or Bible verses

The default slide animation for songs is "Discover up". For Bible verses, it is "Smooth fade". Let's say that you want to change the default animation for all songs to "Smooth fade" too...

8. November 2014
Control a PowerPoint presentation with animations inside slides

The default slide animation for songs is "Discover up". For Bible verses, it is "Smooth fade". Let's say that you want to change the default animation for all songs to "Smooth fade" too...

8. November 2014
Center the lyrics vertically

By default, the lyrics are displayed at the top of the slide. To make the default display to have the lyrics centered as opposed to being on top, follow these steps...

27. August 2014
Loop a Microsoft PowerPoint from within VideoPsalm

VideoPsalm can automatically loop through the slides of songs, Bible verses, slideshow images and Microsoft PowerPoint slides. To loop a PowerPoint through VideoPsalm...

9. June 2014
Display Bible verses quickly, the way you want them to be (bilingual, several verses on one slide, etc.)

Here is a list of tricks that will enable you to display Bible verses very quickly, and in the way you want them to be...

10. May 2014
Edit the footer and header content or remove it

There are several places from where you can edit the footer and header content: 1. From within the VideoPsalm options...

8. April 2014
Control VideoPsalm with a keyboard, without a mouse

While operating VideoPsalm, you will encounter several workflows where you can gain some precious reaction time by using the keyboard instead of the mouse...

31. March 2014
Remove a songbook or a Bible

If you don't need a songbook or a Bible anymore, you can easily delete it from your VideoPsalm...

28. March 2014
Set the Bible book language

You may want to display the Bible book names in the same language as the Bible. For example, you may want a Spanish Bible to display its books in Spanish...

14. March 2014
Edit VideoPsalm's labels, for example rename “Agenda” into “Order of Service”

You may notice a misspelling or a wrong wording in one of the texts that VideoPsalm presents in its menus or messages. If you find this error annoying, then correct it yourself...

3. December 2013
Assign a background to a song verse or to the whole song - Cascading styles - Part two

VideoPsalm displays the text of song verses and Bible verses with their assigned style attributes. The main style attributes are...

2. December 2013
Adjust slide text margins / lower third display

A slide has 3 text areas: the body, which displays the song verse text (or a Bible verse), the header and the footer....

7. Novembre 2013
Install VideoPsalm on a PC without internet connection

To install VideoPsalm on another PC without internet connection, you will need a USB key with around 100 Mb free space. 1. Download the latest VideoPsalm Installation Package...

3. Novembre 2013
Edit / correct a slide during the presentation

Spelling mistakes that are particularly troublesome are those displayed to hundreds of people, who read them all at the same time, while singing...

29. Septembre 2013
Display a picture slideshow from within VideoPsalm

To create a slideshow in your agenda, you can either: Drag and drop your images from the desktop or from a file explorer into the VideoPsalm agenda surface...

19. Septembre 2013
Loop automatically through slides

Most of the time, you will want to tell VideoPsalm exactly when to advance to the next slide. It could be when your people start singing a song, or when they advance to the next song verse, etc. At other times, for example during the announcements, you may want VideoPsalm to loop regularly through all announcement slides, at a fixed time interval...

19. Septembre 2013
Backup VideoPsalms' data or start it from a USB stick (portable VideoPsalm)

With VideoPsalms' backup function, you can easily build a portable version of VideoPsalm. Here's how...

8. August 2013
Import “text formatted” songs into VideoPsalm

VideoPsalm can import songs from several well known sources, via its import assistant. This article describes how to get “text formatted” songs into VideoPsalm...

20. June 2013
Select and update your VideoPsalm language

VideoPsalm comes in around 50 languages. When you first start it, it will try to select the right language for you. ​You can also select the language in the VideoPsalm options...

26. May 2013
Display verses from two different Bible translations on the same slide

First method: Systematic bilingual display This method enables the systematic display of one (or more) additional Bible translations...

16. April 2013
Change the background of a song or a whole songbook - Cascading styles - Part one

This article describes: How to change the “Base” background, How to assign the same background to all the slides of a song, How to assign a different background to each slide of some Bible verses...

13. February 2012